We’ve recently been using our structural modelling and design software to great effect. It’s worked particularly well for design and build projects, where clients are looking for a preliminary design in a minimal time frame. It provides the design team with a 3D model for a greater understanding of the proposed structural arrangement, along with preliminary sizes of all structural elements for pricing purposes in the usual 2D format.

A recent project where we used this to great effect was a new 60m x 30m industrial warehouse. The proposed building is on a sloping site and therefore our client (the contractor) prompted the site owner to explore the possibility of creating an undercroft to provide much needed additional car parking space. Using our software, we could quickly model a range of  building concepts, which enabled the contractor to evaluate the build costs for each and to discuss added value options prior to their bid submission.

Our client was successful in their bid and therefore we are now progressing through the detailed design phase – using the model to create the construction phase drawings. The building owner opted for a half undercroft option to provide a balance between project build cost and increased parking, which will release other areas of the site for future development.


(Full underground parking)

(Partial underground parking)


(Design almost complete with pile caps, retaining walls and greater design detail being added)