A strong background in design and extensive experience in structural engineering practice
combine to produce a fresh approach to our projects

Superstructure Design

The design of the structural elements above ground. We design all types of building structures in all standard materials - steel, timber, masonry and concrete. We also design in specialist materials and products such as glass and SIPS panels.

Substructure Design

The design of the structural elements below ground. We design all foundation types including traditional trench fill, pile and beam and various hybrid systems.

Site Inspections

The majority of our projects start with an inspection of the site, or in the case of extensions, alterations and conversions - an inspection of the existing structure. We also undertake surveys of existing buildings to assess crack damage, or suspected structural failure.

Ground Investigations

All ground investigations are undertaken by specialist Geotechnical subcontractors. Our role here is to oversee the organisation of them to ensure that the most appropriate investigations are carried out. We also review the results and design the substructure to suit the conditions.

Drafting and Detailing

Superstructures is renowned for providing excellent drawings and details. All of our structural designs are issued with a comprehensive package of CAD drawings and details for construction.

Concept Consultation

We love being involved in projects at an early stage. If structural concepts and issues are discussed before the design progresses too far, we can help to streamline the overall process and make substantial project savings. We can also advise on feasibility of sites and buildings for conversion/ adaptation.

Recent Projects